A Rainbow made from Disney Princesses


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I’m an Ewok, but that’s ok.


About a year ago, I made this warm and comfy Ewok-inspired scoodie (scarf-hoodie), but I have just now come around to take some pictures with it. However, the timing is perfect, because I feel fall is just around the corner, and what better time is there, to build some traps against stormtroopers? Maybe you should make your own scoodie (it’s easy, trust me), so we can all celebrate Yub Nub together? 😉

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My Roommate Totoro

One of the most loved and cute furry creatures ever animated is Totoro from the movie “My Neighbour Totoro”. His cuddly appearance and gigantic grin have made him the trademark of Studio Ghibli and the being I would love to live next door to the most. Unfortunately, I have not discovered any black furballs lately, and none of the buses I use happens to be a cat. So I had to think of something else, and came up with the idea of making him my new roommate. In form of a wall decal, that is.

totoro title

I used grey adhesive foil I had left over from my Jedi Dressing Table and a picture of Totoro sitting on a branch as a template. Feel free to continue reading, if you want to know how the wall decal looks like in my entrance area.

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