[WIP] Daenerys Cosplay


Finally, the time has come to show you the biggest project I am currently working on. Since I really love Daenerys from Game of Thrones, I saw no other way than to cosplay her. I had a hard time deciding which outfit to choose, because she has so many beautiful ones, but I decided to make her iconic blue dress she wears in season 3. (But probably all of her other outfits are still on my wish list now… oh well :D). If you want to see how I progressed, you should definitely read on. Also, I am Khaleesi and I command you to! 😉

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[Hair Tutorial] Melisandre from Game of Thrones


Recently, I had some kind of unfortunate accident happen to me at the hair salon: my beloved hair has been dyed a dark red/ burgundy color. At first I was frantic, seeing that my hair was dark and full of terrors, but after I came to terms with it, I decided to take on Melisandre’s half-up hairstyle. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures during the process on the first try, but I made up for that when I did the style again for a festival (for which I dyed my hair in a brighter, more vibrant color. I liked that one a lot more 🙂 ) It was kind of windy that day, so please excuse the mess 😀

Anyway, this is an easy one, so let’s get going:

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Game of Thrones: Arya Stark Hair Tutorial

arya title 1

Besides being an awesome show, Game of Thrones provides us with lots of great hairstyles on nearly every female character. So today I want to show you how Arya’s hairstyle, which she wears in King’s Landing during her dancing training with Syrio Forel, is done. Arya is such a great character, and a pretty wild one as well. This is why I chose to make the hairstyle a little bit messy. In general, this is a really easy hairdo, but you will need long hair for this. Mine is a little bit too short to be accurate, but I still like the look, even though a few centimeters are missing.

I took pictures for every step, so I hope the instructions will be easy to follow:

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A golden kraken on a black field.


To be honest, I actually don’t wear jewellery alot. I find it to be too impractical most of the time. But I still think it’s pretty and I’ve got a whole bunch of it. However, since I hardly wear it, I crammed most of it inside a drawer. Today, I finally managed to tidy this drawer, and guess what I found? A really cool kraken necklace, which I bought on ebay a few years ago. So of course when I saw it today, it totally reminded me of the Greyjoy emblem of Game of Thrones. Of course I hate Theon just as much as the next guy, but this family still has a bunch of other characters to offer, that are pretty interesting. So when I decided to wear the golden kraken with a black shirt, I got Asha, Aeron Damphair and the other cool ironborn in mind. And I wear it with pride 😉

“What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder, and stronger.”

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