Distant Worlds Berlin – Recap

I know I am really late with this post but I still wanted to share that I have been to the Distant Worlds concert in Berlin last Sunday (13/04/14) and give you a short recap. For those of you, who are unfamiliar with Distant Worlds: This is a concert series of music solely from the Final Fantasy games. The project has been launched in 2007 and the wonderful songs by Nobuo Uematsu have been brought to stage under the conduction of  Arnie Roth. So how did I like it? What happened and how was it special in comparison to other video game music concerts? Please read on to find out! 🙂

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Final Fantasy X hair – Lulu

Lulu Titel

Today I want to show you how to achieve the hairstyle of the wonderful black mage Lulu from Final Fantasy X. Her hair is really long and thick, so if you’re doing this for cosplay you might want to use a wig or at least hairpieces. Since I was just doing it for fun, I used my natural hair and a few tricks to make the bun look larger. When using hairpieces the sock bun steps might not be neccessary, but the general anatomy of the hairstyle is still applicable. Anyways, this is how it’s done:

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