[Finished] in March 2015


Yup, you’ve read correctly, it is June and now I am finally sitting down at my desk to write down the [Finished] posts for the last three months.
= favorite of the month
= audio books
Feel free to keep reading, no spoilers ahead!

1 - books


fifty shades of grey


E. L. James – 50 Shades of Grey

Honestly, I don’t want to waste any more breath than necessary. I wanted to know what all the fuss is about, so I read the first book. You could say, curiosity killed the cat, because I have never read anything worse in my life. The story is nonexistent and the writing style is awful.





Ferdinand von Schirach – Der Fall Collini 

Ferdinand von Schirach is definitely one of the go-to authors when you are looking for some kind of thrilling crime story, which is incredibly well written. What I like especially about this book that he draws pictures of people as a whole and not just as the cookie-cutter versions of criminals that are all too common.



2 - comics


Green Lantern Paperback 2 (US Issues 7 – 12, Annual 1)

Unfortunately, the second Green Lantern paperback came out a really long time after the first one, so the memory of the first part was not as present as it should have been. That added a little more confusion to the fact that I have never read anything concerning Blackhand before, who was one of the main characters in these issues. Besides that, I really liked the part about the Indigo Clan and also the general developement of the main plot. I think the next volume will be out this month so I will be checking it out soon.



Before Watchmen: Minutemen 

The second graphic novel of the Before Watchem series I picked up. It was pretty different from the Silk Spectre volume but I liked both of them. I really recommend to try out Before Watchmen for fans of the original graphic novel.


3 - games

Diablo 3 

My boyfriend an I made a spontaneous shopping trip to the game section on a rainy weekend and picked up two copies of Diablo 3. So we spent  the bad weather all cozy on the couch slaughtering hordes of demons and undead. It was awesome. 🙂



4 - series

11798169Orange is the new Black – Season 1 & 2 

While browsing Netflix I discovered OITNB and I can’t really remember why I did, but I watched the first episode and got hooked immediately. Although it sounds quite lame to have a show surrounding a women’s prison, it is actually really cool. OINTB has really interesting characters and the story is an awesome rollercoaster of emotions, comedy, drama, romance and crime. Looking forward to the next season.


 Dr. House – Season 1

I know, I know, I’m late to the party. As usual. But I never thought these hospital shows were really fo me. But somehow I started watching and I really liked the first season of Dr. House. Additionally to the nice charakters, I found out that the medical background is actually pretty accurate, which sparked my interested a little more.



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