[Finished] in February 2015


So far I keep my resolutions up and have read more than my minimum of two books this month. Also, I wrote this post, and with minor delay, I represent to you everything I finished in February! I’ll keep it short and spoiler-free as always. Please read on and feel free to share you opinions and reccomendations with me! 🙂

1 - books

Julie Kagawa – Plötzlich Fee: Sommernacht (The Iron King) 

coverWhen I read Reckless by Cornelia Funke in January, I really liked how she described fairies and I thought about how I had never read any fantasy novel revolving aroung fairies. So when I visited the local book outlet, I stumbled across Julie Kagawa’s Iron King series, which is known as “Plötzlich Fee” here in Germany. I immediately inhaled the first book because the fantasy world really comes to live.


Julie Kagawa – Plötzlich Fee: Winternacht (The Iron Daughter)


In the second novel the love story comes a little more into focus, but I expected alot worse. It is actually not annoying as I experienced it in the second hunger games novel, but it really adds to the characters and is a driving force to the story line. Of course it is still girly and cheesy at times, but still action packed and thrilling.


Amélie Nothomb – Blaubart (Barbe bleue)

41V0Wlkhl8L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Amèlie Nothomb retells the fairy tale of Bluebeard in a modern way. I really like her style, because the dialogues are witty and the characters are strange, as always, but somehow the extra spark is missing for me in this one. I feel it just doesn’t have this special twist to it. I would still recommend it, but if I would have to choose a book of hers to introduce you to her, this would not be it.


 3 - games

Final Fantasy VI (iPad) Terra - Victory (Left)Celes - Victory (Left)Locke - Victory (Left)Mog - Victory (Left)

I started playing FFVI a few months back, but then got stuck in this part of the game where you can do all the sidequests before you go and beat the final boss. So the amount of playing I actually did this month is minimal. However, my memory is still good enough to say that this is one of the best games I have ever played and it is at least just as great as the other Final Fantasy games I’ve played, if not better. It has really great characters and a really unique kind of storyteling to it. There is no real main character, but you get to discover the story of everyone in you party. Also, the soundtrack is just perfect. Celes’ theme could be my new favourite tune, at least for now. If you haven’t played FFVI yet, you should definitely try it, if you’re into (J)RPGs.



4 - series

The Big Bang Theory – Season 2 – 6

I have to admit I got kind of hooked on TBBT, although I usually don’t like sitcoms. However, the longer I watched it, the more attached I became to the characters. Although it gets kind of repetitive, just like every other show in this format, I want to know how the relationships develop and how everything tuns out.




4 thoughts on “[Finished] in February 2015

    • First world problems!? 😛 ich bin einfach nur froh darüber dass so viel als dl für PC und iOS angeboten wird, damit ich’s überhaupt spielen kann. ^^

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