[Finished] in January 2015


I didn’t make too many New Year’s resolutions for 2015, but one of them is to wirte a [Finished] post every month. Another one is to read at least two books every month. I used to read mostly comicbooks to keep up with all the series I’m following, which led to the neglect of real reading. So I decided to not pressure myself any longer to keep up with everything and just read whatever I am in the mood for. I will try my best to stick to these two resolutions, so let’s see how it turns out. πŸ˜‰

1 - books

Cornelia Funke – Reckless: Steinernes Fleisch (Reckless)

Reckless by Cornelia Funke is a young adult fantasy novel about a fairytale world behind a mirror where Grimm’s characters are alive. The wolds itself is fantastic, only penalty point for the characters, who are not very relatable, and who it takes a while to wam up to. However, the book ends quite surprisingly and I will take a look at the sequel in the future.



Kiera Cass – The Selection


Another young adult novel, wich is some kind of dystopian love story. In a future where monarchy and caste system are established a contest is held to find the future bride and princess of the country. The selection was definitely a page-turner that is especially interesting because of the contrasting worlds of luxury and pretty ball gowns versus a broken government and poverty of the people.


Kiera Cass – The EliteΒ β™₯

IMG_5263-001In the sequel to the the selection the story takes a darker turn as the pretty facade of the monarchy starts to crumble. I believe I finished the elite even faster than the selection and I really like how the protagonist develops. I am excited for the third and final part to see how everything turns out.


Ransom Riggs – Miss Peregrine’s School for peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine’s School for peculiar Children is a unique novel that combines vintage photography with a neat mystery story. It is well written and the protagonist is very relatable. The story is fascinating from the beginning, because you really want to find out what’s the secret of the peculiar children. However, when the mystery is solved and only action remains I found it less exciting than the beginning. Still really good though.



Mark Welte – In die Füße atmen ☊

A random auio book I came across at spotify. It’s about a guy that has a huge crush on a girl but chickens out of telling her. Instead he decides to follow her to drama school to become an actor. It’s funny at times, but it’s that kind of cheesy rom-com-story where all of the drama could be resolved if people would just talk to each other to clarify any misunderstandings.


2 - comics

Batman 30 – 32 (US: Batman 25 – 29)

The Year Zero arc continues and I like it even more the longer it continues. As I said previously, the Riddler is one of my favourite Batman villains.ever, so I am happy to see that he gets such a nice story now. Bonus points for great artwork btw.



Batman Gothopia 2IMG_5284

The second and last part of the Gothopia miniseries. I liked the idea of Gotham as a perfect utopia, that’s why I decided to read it. I liked the alternative character designs alot and that’s probably my favourite thing about it. It’s okay but nothing special.


Dark Knight 29 – 31 (US: Dark Knight 28 – 29 , Nightwing 25 – 30, Joker’s Daughter 1)

Okay, so first of all the Dark Knight series came to and end with the german issue 30. Actually, I only continued reading it, because it was almost over, and also because of the Nightwing stories. The whole Man-Bat arc was totally dull in my opinion, so I don’t want to waste anymore time talking about it.



In contrast, I really liked how the Nightwing series was brought to a nice and satisfying end, with hope for Dick’s future and everything. This kind of closure seems rare in the world of comic books and I really enjoyed it. I also really like Nightwing, because he is still growing so much as a person and it’s nive to see him learning so much over the years.


The first issue of Joker’s Daughter was also added as a preview and it just sucked. It felt like the useless Joker sellout that Gotham neither deserved nor needed. I hope Joker’s Daughter doesn’t appear in any of the nect Batman arcs.


3 - games

LEGO The Lord of the Rings (iPad)

Β I actually started playing LEGO LOTR months ago, but I am one of those people who will start playing a game and either play it all in one session or will take forever to finish it. In this case it was definitely the latter. After playing LEGO Harry Potter (Years 1-4) on the iOS as well, it felt as if the controls were a little less fluent sometimes and I had to get used to it at first, but that was probably just my personal preference. Another thingΒ was also unusualΒ for any of the LEGO games I’ve played, were the cutscenes with the original voice acting. However, I think it worked really well with the cute and sometimes really funny LEGO animations.



Deponia (PC)

Another one of those games that I started what feels like forever ago, but never finished. So I decided to pick it back up, but noticed that I didn’t have my savegame any longer. Crap. So I had to start all over again, which went quite fast, since could remember most of the puzzles. And when I finally I reached the point where I left off I noticed that I had almost been at the end, if I would have just put in another hour or so. Oh, well. However, the game is actually a preatty neat point & click adventure. I enjoyed it less than Edna & Harvey, but that is really just complaining about first world problems. Overall, I enjoyed it and it has great characters and great humor. I willΒ check outΒ the sequel somewhere in the future.



Portal (PC)Β β™₯

A classic I discovered way too late. I knew that everyone loves it, and I was always curious about it. I mean, it’s a sci-fi puzzle game with great sarcastic humor, what could possibly go wrong? Actually, nothing. The only thing that kept me from playing itΒ so long in the first place, was actually the fear that I would suck at it, because I just can’t aim and don’t have any reflexes for the life of me. As it turns out, that was nothing to be worried about, and I enjoyed the game a lot. In fact, I think it is one of the best games I ever played. If you still haven’t, you should give it a go!


4 - series

Silk – Seasons 1 & 2Β β™₯

A pretty nice show about lawyers and intrigues. I like the protagonist alot, one of the best strong female leads I have seen in a while. Also the cases are pretty interesting and it’s just generally entertaining.


The Big Bang Theory – Season 1

I don’t know whether I mentioned it previousliy, but I have never been a fan of the Big Bang theory. However, due to boredom and Netflix I started watching the first season, and I have to admit it is not as bad as I rememberd. It will never be my favourite show, but it is okay.



One thought on “[Finished] in January 2015

  1. Die ersten drei Staffeln Big Bang Theory habe ich wirklich gerne gesehen, danach war aber schnell die Luft raus und ich habe auch kein BedΓΌrfnis, da wieder irgendwo einzusteigen.

    Hm, und Portal sollte ich wohl doch auch mal spielen … wenn ich irgendwann mal Zeit habe …

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