[Finished] in September 2014


Yay, this might be the first time I’m not incredibly late with my [Finished] article! 😀 Again, for September it’s the same procedure as every month. I’ll give you a short & spoiler-free recap of all the books, comics and TV shows I have finished. The little heart marks my favorite ❤ in each category. Another new thing I’ll use from now on are these little headphones  in the books-section for all the audio-books I’ve heard. Enough of the jabbering, enjoy! 🙂

1 - booksJane Austen – Stolz und Vorurteil (Pride and Prejudice) ☊

Apparently, September was Jane Austen month. I started out with Pride and Prejudice as an audio book. I hadn’t seen the movie or anything beforehand so I was completely unbiased on what to expect. And I have to say, I really liked it. I think Austen’s characters are just so relatable and all the dialogue is amzingly well-written. You won’t be surprised by anything in this story. But this is exactly what you’ll want, because you are rooting for all the perfect couples right from the start. 😉

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Jane Austen – Emma ☊ 

Because I liked Pride and Prejudice so much, I heard Emma immediately after I finished the first one. And I liked Emma even more. Simply because she is a great protagonist. She is a great person but still makes mistakes, which makes her so relatable. All in all, a great book. I would it to everybody who likes to enjoy an old-fashioned love-story now and then.

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Jane Austen – Northanger Abbey ☊

Northanger Abbey is significantly different from the first two novels, and to be honest, I was a little disappointed. It is not bad by any means, but it isn’t the perfect fantasy world of Austens romance novels. It breaks the fourth wall now and then, and it is in general more self-ironic and parodies a lot of the horror novels that were popular during Austen’s time. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, and Northanger Abbey still has it perks, but it was just not what I expected.

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2 - comics

IMG_4768Astonishing X-Men Ultimate Collection 1 (#1-12) 

The first graphic novel I read this month was already my favourite. It was the ultimate collection of the Astonishing X-Men series by Joss Whedon. It has everything a good comicbook needs. Great heroes, villains that are not all black and white and of course awesome visuals. I’m becoming more and more of a Joss Whedon fan.


X-Men: Pixie schlägt zurück (Pixie strikes back)

I decided to read Pixie strikes back, because it features some of the less-known X-Men, like X-23, Mercury, Armor and Blindfold, besides Pixie. To be honest, the story was a little weird. Maybe I felt this way because I’m lacking knowledge of Pixies background. However, the drawing style was still great and I liked the characters alot, so I still enjoyed it.



Dark Knight 27 (US: Dark Knight 26, Nightwing 26) 

This issue contained the first part of Voiceless (Sprachlos), a new story that only uses pictures and no words. It was quite interesting to read this more experimental comic, and you could really enjoy the story as well. The graphics were also out of this world. However, I am wondering what will happen in the second part, because the first one didn’t really leave me that curious.

IMG_4773-001Batman 28 (US: Batman 24)

I feel the Zero Year plot is a great way to celebrate Batman’s birthday. It really takes you back to the roots. In regards to the storyline, which retells a famous origin story, as well as for the looks. The style of colouring reminds me of the old-school comicbooks and Batman’s trafitional gray and yellow suit is simply a classic. I’m looking forward to the next issue.



Wonder Woman: Angriff der Amazonen 1 (Amazons Attack!)


In this Wonder Woman story shit really goes down. The Amazons are led into battle against humanity by a resurrected Hippolyta and it takes the whole Justice League to fight back. Also, Wonder Woman suffers from her very own identity crisis (no, not the event). She is currently working as special agent Diana Prince, and sees from an outside perspective how Wonder Woman is viewn by many people, which makes this comic pretty meta in many ways. Also, she still is Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, and she has to come to terms with her own mother commiting a genocide. Pretty heavy stuff, but really epic.

Wonder Woman: Angriff der Amazonen 2 (Amazons Attack!)

I don’t have as much to say here, as it is just the continuation of the story arc above, but I feel I have to add that the second part seemed to be a lot weaker to me. I can’t really tell why, either. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood for it when I read the second part!?

4 - seriesMy little Pony – Season 4

Awesome and cute, happy pony-tales. What could be better? I love the show, because Equestria is the happiest place on earth and ponies can always make me smile. 🙂

Doctor Who – Season 3 

Now that I finally like the 10th Doctor as much as the 9th is wonderful sidekick had to go. I was sooo bummed. And I also had a really hard time liking Martha at first, because she was crushing way too hard on the Doctor. In my opinion it was a little annoying. But nevertheless, this season had great episodes as well (omg, the weeping angels! 😮 ). This show never ceases to amaze me and I can’t wait to watch more.


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