[Hair Tutorial] Melisandre from Game of Thrones


Recently, I had some kind of unfortunate accident happen to me at the hair salon: my beloved hair has been dyed a dark red/ burgundy color. At first I was frantic, seeing that my hair was dark and full of terrors, but after I came to terms with it, I decided to take on Melisandre’s half-up hairstyle. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures during the process on the first try, but I made up for that when I did the style again for a festival (for which I dyed my hair in a brighter, more vibrant color. I liked that one a lot more 🙂 ) It was kind of windy that day, so please excuse the mess 😀

Anyway, this is an easy one, so let’s get going:

1. Start out by seperating a huge section of bangs in the front. I put about everything in front of my ears aside.

2. Make a simple half-up ponytail.


3. Put a hair donut or a cut and rolled up sock around the base of the ponytail. Spread your hair from the ponytail over the donut and secure with an elastic.


4. Take the strands that hang from the bottom of the bun and pin them into little curls right on top of the donut. Do this for all of the strands from the half-up part.

5. Use a mirror to adjust the pinned curls and to even out if necessary.


6. Do a middle parting for your front section. Then part into to halves on each side of your head. Pin the front bangs aside.

7. Take the strand that is close to your ear and seperate it into two sections. Use these two sections to tie knots into them. Just plain old regular knots, with a little space inbetween.


8. Take the knotted strand, bring it to the back of your head, under the bun, and pin it.


9. Adjust your knotted braids, bangs and curls until no scalp is showing and the curls on the bun are evenly distributed.


10. Praise R’hllor! You did it! 🙂






11 thoughts on “[Hair Tutorial] Melisandre from Game of Thrones

  1. Argh, ich bin immer mega neidisch, wenn Frauen selber ihre Haare so machen können. Ich schaff es gerade mal, meine über Kopf zu föhnen 😀 Und ne ziemlich geile Hommage an George R.R. Martin, der sich ja Seitenweise Zeit genommen hat, die Frisuren ausgiebig zu beschreiben. Sau gut!

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