[Finished] in August 2014


Here we are again. Back for another recap of what I have been up to in terms of pop-culture. I’m sorry that I missed the opportunity to share with you for the last 3 months, but I hope I will be able to keep you updated in the future.

You might notice the little hearts ❤ next to some titles. These are the ones I enjoyed the most, so kind of my monthly favorites.

However, without further ado: here is everything I finished in August. Short & spoiler-free as always! Enjoy 

1 - books

Gillian Flynn – Gone GIrl

I decided to add audio books to this list, because I spent a significant part of summer sewing, while listening to audio books. The first one I finished in August was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Usually, I’m not really into thrillers and crime fiction, but this one is a little different. Definitely an exciting read/listen and to some extent really haunting. You should check it out 🙂

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Kerstin Gier – Silber: Das erste Buch der Träume (The Book of Dreams) 

Another audio book that I greatly enjoyed was the first book of dreamy by Kerstin Gier. It’s an awesome Gossip Girl / Inception hybrid with creepy demonic features. Sounds strange? Yes, but it works surprisingly well. If you have a weakness for juvenile literature, like myself (looking at you, Hunger Games and Harry Potter), give it a shot. You might be surprised how compelling it can be.

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2 - comics


Fray is a story about another girl that is chosen to be the vampire slayer of her generation. The setting is a dystopian future world, and the plot is, of course, written by Joss Whedon. I didn’t need another point to convince me. Although I have never seen more than one episode of Buffy in my life, I can say that Fray is a really entertaining read. No prior knowledge on proper vampire slaying is required. Also, this is a one-shot, so this might be a perk when taken into consideration.

Green Lantern Paperback 1: Sinestro (US #1-6) 

I don’t have anything more to say than: I’M HOOKED. Never thought I would love GL as much as I did. Sinestro is one of the coolest dudes in all of comic books and I really don’t know why I have to wait until November for the second paperback to be released. The date hasn’t even been confirmed yet. Gnah!

100% DC 20: Wonder Woman – Die dunkle Seite des Paradieses (The Circle)

I love Wonder Woman, I do like Gail Simone and I really appreciate her work on Batgirl (although DC apparently didn’t. Oh well…), but this story is just extremely weird sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, it is not bad, and it is entertaining. But you really have to be in the mood for nazi-slaying gorillas. Also, if you want to see Wonder Woman taking on a Green Lantern you should definitely check this one out.

Dark Knight 26 (Batman – The Dark Knight #25, Nightwing #24)

The Clayface story arc has ended, and I am a little sad, because I really enjoyed the style of the drawings. But to be fair, the story was quite mediocre, so I am not too sad about the end. In regards to the current Nightwing story, I really don’t have that much to say. I feel like it drags on forever right now and I am glad it has finally come to an end. At least partially. The foreshadowing didn’t leave me too excited, to be honest.

Batman 27 (Batman #23, 21(II) & 22(II))

I’m really excited about the current “Year Zero” story arc. I’ve always taken great interest in Bruce’s training years and his origins as Batman. Therefore, I am already happy about the story. However, the cherry on top is definitely the riddler right now (he is one of my favourite villains ever), so I am really curious about what is about to happen. 🙂

Batman SB 38: Pinguin – Schmerz und Vorurteil (Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #1-5)

If you are a fan of the penguin, you will love pain and prejudice. His backstory is one of the saddest out of all the Batman villains and it is a really haunting read. Heartwarming, creepy and sad at the same time. If you are not afraid to feel sympathetic for a villain, you should read it.

4 - series

Doctor Who – Season 2 

It seems like I am becoming a Whovian… although I thought I could never enjoy another episode of Doctor Who again, after the first season ended. And really, I missed the 9th Doctor in the beginning, but with each episode I began to like the 10th Doctor as well. I really liked the season, but I guess someone has been cutting onions around me… especially during the last episode. All in all, a really great show.


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