Don’t open – Dead inside!


Usually, I am not the most creative person when it comes to gift wrapping. But for this present, I decided to go all out. Amongst some other things I wanted to give a copy of the Walking Dead compendium, so I used TWD as inspiration for the whole gift box. I’m really proud how it turned out, so if you are interested to surprise some fellow zombie-lovers, please go ahead and read more 🙂


First of all, this door from the hospital in the first episode was my inspiration for the gift box. This is how i adapted it:

2014-08-28 15.32.59

I used a regular moving box, which I covered in silver wrapping paper inside and out. I used a few shades of brown and a sponge to make it look aged and weathered. I also applied some blood splatter, using red paint and an old toothbrush, as well as a bloody hand print.

2014-08-28 23.03.08

For the hands reaching through the door, I used disposable grooming gloves in a pale skin color. I would have preferred to stuff them with cotton, but I had none available, so I used toilet paper instead. I painted brown finger nails onto the hands and added a little dirt and blood here and there.

2014-08-28 23.02.51

The easiest way to fixate the hands in place, is to just not fill the glove all the way, but to leave a little extra rubber, that you can lay around the corner, and tape to the inside of the lid.

2014-08-29 12.47.25

As a little bonus, I wrote a short story in the style of World War Z. For every present, there was a part of the story to read before opening, which had little hints about the present in it. Of course it was about a zombie apocalypse and the parts of the story were interviews with people allover the world who witnessed it.

2014-08-29 13.30.50

Naturally, I made matching envelopes with dirt and blood all over them. Afterwards, I put the envelopes on the individually wrapped presents, and put them in the box. I used black crepe paper and paper streamers with skulls as additional stuffing.

2014-08-29 13.37.23

All done and tied shut:




4 thoughts on “Don’t open – Dead inside!

  1. Oh my Goodness! Was für ein Wahnsinns-Geschenk! Die Walking Dead Comics kann ich ja wirklich nur jedem empfehlen, der die Serie gern schaut und dann auch noch eine Kurzgeschichte im Stil von WWZ zu schreiben, Respekt! Ich mochte ja u.a. die Geschichte von dem Promi-Bunker am Liebsten 😀
    Der Beschenkte kann sich wahrlich glücklich schätzen, dich als Freund zu haben!

    • Der Beschenkte hat sich auch wirklich sehr gefreut, und dadurch hat sich die ganze Mühe auf jeden Fall gelohnt 🙂 Den Promi-Bunker aus WWZ fand ich auch klasse 😀 Den kann ich mir wirklich absolut genauso vorstellen. Generell fand ich total viel aus aus diesem Buch erschreckend realistisch

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