[Finished] in April 2014


Oh my, I’m late with this one. So, april is over and I’m afraid it hasn’t been a great month for books and games (again). However, I finished quite a few comics beyond my usual Batman issues. I will share my opinions short and spoiler-free as always, so feel free to keep reading. 🙂

2 - comics

Please keep in mind that I live in Germany, where we are a little behind with the published comicbooks. The different series come in different formats with 2 to 12 US issues. The US issues are listed in brackets behind the title. 


Dark Knight 22 (US: Dark Knight Annual 1, Nightwing 20)

This DK issue featured the first annual of the series and it was all about the villains. Mad Hatter, Scarecrow and the Penguin meet under mysterious circumstances and Batman barely shows up. There are lots of stupid jokes made about Batman crashing windows all the time, and I definitely had a good laugh reading it.

Dark Knight 23 (US: Dark Knight 22, Nightwing 21)

Dark Knight 23 marks the beginning of a new story arc. The new plot deals with Clayface, which is nice in my opinion, because we haven’t seen very much of him since the reboot. The fresh start is also seen in the artwork, because there is a new illustrator on board. Alex Maleev has this very unique style which I personally love and I think it matches Batman really well. If you are interested in starting the Dark Knight series, I would highly reccomend you do it now.

For the current Nightwing issue there isn’t much to say really. It’s ok, but not exciting right now. I’ll read it anyway, just because it’s published in the same book. Hopefully it will get better soon, because I really like Nightwing as a character.

Batman 23 (US: Batman 19 (I) + 20 (I)

Apparently, this month has been Clayface month after the long time of silence around him. Scott Snyder has returned to the Batman series with this one-shot, which was actually quite entertaining. If you’re looking for a nice comicbook which is short and concluded, you might want to give it a try.


Liberator 1: Rage Ignition

The first issue of the Liberator series is a comicbook I found by chance and I couldn’t stop myself from buying and reading it immediately. It merges two ofIMG_3699 the things I’m really passionate: comicbooks and animal rights. The story is about two young adults who dedicate their lives to animal liberation. However, they don’t limit their dedication to protests and petitions, so sometimes they will eventually violate a law or two and free animals from fur farms or dogfighters. I love everything about the content. This topic is so important and I like how we have two relatable everyday superheroes for a change. Real people that fight real crime. Great inspiration and hopefully thought-provoking impulse for people who are new to the topic. The only drawback here is the artwork, which is in my opinion really improvable, but please still give it a try. It’s still definitely worth it!

DC-Crossover #31: Batman/Tarzan

I knIMG_3696-001ow, the WTF-ness is strong with this one. I actually received this one as a gift and I had very high expectations regarding the absurdity of this comic. JusYes,t take a look at the cover: Batman and some dude who looks like Jack Black on steroids are fighting a monstrous gorilla! How could you not expect this to be awesome? However, I was quite disappointed, because it’s not half as stupid as I hoped it would be. I think the comic takes itself quite serious. The writers had to be very proud of their only metaphor, which is about Gotham being a jungle as well, because they used it all the time. So yeah, not really recommended.


Alisik 1: Herbst


Another impulse purchase, just because the artwork is so awesome. Alisik is about a dead girl who has lost her memory and waits for death to decide whether to send her to heaven or hell. She can’t interact with the living anymore, besides one blind boy who she falls in love with. Her only companions are a bunch of other ghosts, who are actually quite funny, and could be right out of a Tim Burton movie. The story is definitely more directed towards teenagers, but it is still an entertaining read. But what’s really amazing about this one are the drawings and also the page layout and colouring. I feel everybody just did a really good job here. A lot of lovely details make Alisik a really charming comic and I will definitely check out the other three issues.


And last, but definitely not least: Watchmen. Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel about discarded superheroes and the cold war. Actually, I’m still so very impressed by this that I’m lacking words to describe its awesomeness. This probably the best comicbook I’ve ever read. I will have to check out the movie and the Before Watchmen comics next I guess. I have already picked up Silk Spectre recently, but the one I’m really looking forward to is Rorschach, because he just managed to become one of myfavourite characters ever! 🙂

4 - series

How I met your Mother: Season 9

Since i said I will keep this spoiler-free, I will just keep it short: I didn’t like it. I was never a huge fan of the show to begin with, but when you start watching something you want to find out how it ends, right? So I watched the final season and now I wish I just didn’t do it. If you haven’t watched it yet, just do yourself a favour and keep it that way. It sucks.


2 thoughts on “[Finished] in April 2014

  1. Yay, freut mich dass du Watchmen nun auch gelesen hast!
    Die Before Watchmen Reihe fand ich insgesamt auch recht gut. Einige gute dabei, einige eher weniger ueberragend aber insgesamt wie gesagt empfehlenswert wenn man das Original schon mochte.

    • Ja, endlich, es wurde auch Zeit 🙂 Hab von den Before Watchmen noch keinen gelesen, aber Silk Spectre hab ich schon mal rumliegen. Rorschach würde mich aber eigentlich am meisten interessieren. Der ist ja sowas von großartig! Jetzt muss ich nur irgendwann nochmal so nen halben Tag über haben um auch noch den Film zu sehen ^^

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