[Finished] in March 2014


So, from now on I want to use the format [Finished] to share with you guys, what I have read, played and watched in the last month. Unfortunately, I just came up with the idea to do so when march was halfway over. So please bear with me that I don’t have that much stuff to share, because I didn’t keep track of it all month long. I do not want to give detailed reviews, just to keep track and share a short spoiler-free opinion. However, there are a few books and comics to talk about, so please read on!  🙂

1 - booksI managed to finish 3 books in march. Here are my short opinions and ratings in form of Pandas, with a maximum of 5 Pandas!


Amélie Nothomb – A Form of Life / So etwas wie ein Leben

Another book from my favorite author Amélie Nothomb. She writes short and thrilling stories with weird characters and almost always an unexpected twist at the end. “A form of life” was all of the above, but since it was all about a written correspondence of herself and an American soldier, I missed the passionate dialogues which usually make her works so unique. I still recommend it to her fans, but if you want to give Nothomb a first try, maybe you should start out with another book.

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 Ferdinand von Schirach – Carl Tohrbergs Weihnachten

Carl Tohrbergs Weihnachten is written by the German author Ferdinand von Schirach, As far as i know, there is now English translation so far. The book contains three short stories about life, fate and crime. As usual, he manages to make the characters very credible and relatable persons and his style of story telling is just great. I still won’t give Carl Tohrbergs Weihnachten 5/5 pandas, because none of these stories can compare to his other works Crime / Verbrechen and Guilt / Schuld.

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John Niven – The second Coming / Gott bewahre

The much discussed story about the return of Jesus to modern society to get humanity back on track. I don’t want to start a debate about religion, so I will just share my thoughts about the book itself. If you are looking for a quick and entertaining read, this one is for you. But if you are looking for a coherent storyline and character developement, don’t have any expectations. But these are things I didn’t expect from the book in the first place, so that’s not what I had the biggest problem with. For me, the language was just unbearable at some points. Some people might consider profane language and excessive swearing funny, but to me it simply is not. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with explicit language at all. When it is used in a fitting context I can also laugh about it, but in this case it is often used as the joke itself and not to enhance one. So for me it often comes of as childish and I feel awkward just reading it. But still, all in all the story is quite entertaining and there are also a few funny scenes and likeable characters.

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2 - comicsPlease keep in mind that I live in Germany, where we are a little behind with the published comicbooks. The different series come in different formats with 2 to 12 US issues. The US issues are listed in brackets behind the title. Also, I do not want to give a panda rating here, because I don’t think it would differ so much from issue to issue. I would just be too biased by my opinion on the characters themselves and the general storyline.


Batman 22 (US: Detective Comics 19 + 20)

The finale of the Kaiser Penguin story arc, which I thought was quite good in general. However, I really disliked the ending with the whole “Kaiser Blackgate” thing. Sometimes you should just leave it at that.

Batwoman 3: Monsterbrut (US: Batwoman 0, 12 – 17)

In my opinion, Batwoman is one of the best New 52 series. The whole style of the drawings, the way the panels are arranged, this is more than a regular comicbook. So I really don’t know why I waited so long to read this story about the team up with Wonder Woman (Yay :3) to fight medusa herself. Probably my favorite Batwoman issue so far.

Batgirl 4: Mörderischer Hass (US: Batgirl 17 – 22)

First of all, I LOVE Batgirl. She is probably my favorite heroine of all time. She is just so easy to relate to and still super awesome. Of course I couldn’t wait for more than a day when Batgirl 4 came out to finally read it. I was really excited how the story with her brother James Jr. would develope, and I was not disappointed. Just as with Batwoman, this is my favotite issue until now. I really can’t wait for Batgirl 5.


Die neuen X-Men Paperback 1: Gestern und heute (All-New X-Men 1-5)

I wanted to get a little more familiar with the X-Men so I decided to give the new and rebooted All-New X-Men series a try. At first, I thought the story was really weird and confusing with all the time-travel and Jean Grey involved. But with each page I turned, I was drawn more into it, and now I can’t wait until the next paperback is published to keep reading. This is definitely recommendable for people who are new to reading X-Men.

X-Men Sonderband 1: Teamgeist (X-Men 1-4)

I was very curious what the new girls-only X-(Wo)men team had to offer. Admittedly, I was not super impressed by it, but it wasn’t bad either. I guess I will give the next one a try as well. And I will probably never like Storm with a Mohawk. 😉

4 - series

My little Pony – Friendship is Magic: Season 3

The only season I really remember finishing in march was the third season of MLP. I just love having those 20 minutes of colorful awesomeness. 😉


4 thoughts on “[Finished] in March 2014

  1. So Beiträge lese ich total gerne, Daumen hoch also für diese neue Kategorie. ich selbst mache das ja einfach unter den normalen Beiträgen mit kleinen Liste, wo jeweils die drei letzten gespielten Games und gehörten Alben stehen.

    Und die Panda-Bewertungsskala ist große Klasse ^^

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