Ramona Flowers Cosplay

Ramona Flowers titel

For my third visit of the Gamescom in 2011 I decided to try and make my first real attempt at cosplaying. One of my favourite characters at the time was Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim comic book series. Especially her outfit on the collector’s box poster was one I found to be different from all the other cosplays that already existed, so I decided to go with it. Since I didn’t need to craft anything myself, except for painting the Bokuto and cutting the wig, it was a fairly easy one. Nevertheless I really like how it turned out, and I had lots of fun that day. Also, I met Scott Pilgrim!

To see the pictures, please click “continue reading” ^-^

Gamescom2011 033


One thought on “Ramona Flowers Cosplay

  1. Scott Pilgrim, Scott Pilgrim everywhere!

    Schönes Cosplay. Besonders das selbstgemachte Schwert finde ich toll. Ich habe leider in etwa so viel handwerkliches Talent wie … wie … jemand der kein handwerkliches Talent hat (Wallace: “Better comebacks, Scott!”)

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