Final Fantasy X hair – Lulu

Lulu Titel

Today I want to show you how to achieve the hairstyle of the wonderful black mage Lulu from Final Fantasy X. Her hair is really long and thick, so if you’re doing this for cosplay you might want to use a wig or at least hairpieces. Since I was just doing it for fun, I used my natural hair and a few tricks to make the bun look larger. When using hairpieces the sock bun steps might not be neccessary, but the general anatomy of the hairstyle is still applicable. Anyways, this is how it’s done:

lulu1 lulu2

  1. Pin your bangs away.
  2. Take the rest of your hair and make a high ponytail.
  3. Put on of these sock bun donut thingys around the base of your ponytail.
  4. Seperate your ponytail into 6 equal strands.
  5. Braid 4 of these strands (3, 4, 5, 6).
  6. Combine the two remaining strands (1, 2) and drape them, like you would normally do when making a sock bun.
  7. Take one of the braids (3) and drape them around the bun so that it looks like the bun is made from braids as well.
  8. Now insert the hair sticks into the base of the bun. If you own the original ones that’s great, I just used random colorful ones.
  9. Now style your bangs to match the original.

Lulu 028Lulu 019Lulu 039-001Lulu 020-001Lulu 041-001Lulu 033-003


4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy X hair – Lulu

    • Ich bin mir grade nicht ganz sicher was du meinst, aber ich glaube du meinst dass man das Duttkissen mit den Haaren hochrollt, wie bei manchen Sockendutt-Methoden? (Dann würde man die Strähnen ja wirklich nicht mehr rausbekommen) Das mach ich hier aber nicht, sondern Schiebe das Duttkissen wirklich nur ganz simpel über den Pferdeschwanz, sodass das Duttkissen im Grunde nur wie ein weiteres Haargummi um den Pferdeschwanz sitzt.

      Ich hoffe ich konnte weiterhelfen? 🙂

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