Final Fantasy Hair: Aerith Gainsbourough

Aerith Titel-002

One of the most frequently cosplayed characters from Final Fantasy VII is probably Aerith (or Aeris), the flower girl. Her hairstyle is really simple, but for most people impossible to achieve, because she has incredibely long and thick hair. So I suggest that everyone, who is looking this up for a cosplay and doesn’t have Aerith’s superhuman hair, should get a wig and/ or some clip-in extensions to thicken the hair. This braid really takes away alot of length, expecially if you want it to be thick and therefore braid it very tightly. If you braid loosely, like I did in the picture, it will become a little longer, but less voluminous and durable.

The style itself is called a rope braid. It is really easy to achieve and a nice everyday hairdo. Without further ado, this is how it’s done:

aeris1            aeris2

  1. Seperate your bangs and two longer streaks right infront of your ears and clip them away.
  2. Put the rest of your hair into a medium-high ponytail
  3. Part the ponytail into two sections.
  4. Twist each strand in a clockwise direction.
  5. Now put the right strand over the left strand to the left.
  6. Repeat with the strand that is now on the right, by moving it over the left strand to the other side again.
  7. Keep on twisting the two strands counterclockwise, like outlined above in 5 & 6. The strands should now intertwine.
  8. Finish twisting, when there is no hair left, and secure with a hair tie.

aeris 4

  1. Now take your bangs out and make a middle parting.
  2. Seperate the two longer straks right infront of your ears and curl them, using a curling wand or straightening iron.
  3. Use tons of hairspray to spray the bangs from the hairline upwards. Preferably use a picture as a guide.
  4. Finally, attach your ribbon (and holy) to the base of your braid.

This is my result, just using my natural hair, as you can see, the braid is very thin, compared to the original, so again, use a wig and/ or extensions, if you want to do this for cosplay. 😉 


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